Bryan Yat

Project and Client Service Manager

Bryan has had a both varied and diverse background spanning a broad range of industries; colourful would be the correct word to describe his experiences. From the VIP rooms of the Casino, rubbing shoulders with the who’s who of the world, to having coffee induced all-nighters as a fixed interest derivatives trader, as well as being employed by one of the largest domestic wealth management firms. Bryan is a highly skilled and qualified individual who has quickly become affectionately known as the “accountability and problem solving guy”.

Having spent most of his life in Melbourne enjoying that famous weather, he has decided to move to the ‘big city’ to both get warm and enjoy the woes of the Sydney rental market. He has also quickly earnt himself a reputation for overdressing much to the amusement of his colleagues.

Having joined Core Private Wealth in early 2017, Bryan is presently employed as Core’s Project and Client Service Manager. He manages the day-to-day functions, ensuring that the Core ‘machine’ continues to steam ahead. In conjunction with this he has a leading role in the present structural and operation transformation of the business with the objective to enhance not only the client experience and internal processes but also delivering a more efficient and quality driven approach.

Bryan has a BCom (Economics and Finance).