Craig Boss

Craig is an experienced wealth protection consultant concentrating on a client base of professionals, senior executives, investors, business people, families, and individuals interested in growing and protecting their wealth.

Craig’s in depth knowledge of insurance product and strategy enables him to devise creative and comprehensive insurance solutions that deliver the desired outcomes as part of an overall estate planning and wealth management exercise. Choosing the right product, determining the appropriate level of cover, and structuring policy ownership correctly are essential to having effective risk mitigation plan.

Providing for your family in the event of your premature passing is almost essential. However, getting sick or injured without dying can be financially devastating and can dramatically impact your wealth creation strategy. Protecting your Income and Health are just as important.

Craig has specific expertise in the establishment of Buy/Sell agreements. This service is aimed at business and professional partnerships where the parties wish to protect their interests in the event of the unforeseen exit of a partner due to death, illness, or injury. This may also incorporate Key Person cover for executives or employees whose contribution to the business is, in some way, critical to its functioning or even survival.

Craig is highly professional, client focused, discrete, and service orientated. He has strong relationships with all the insurance providers in Australia and will negotiate hard to achieve the best possible outcome for each client.