Ron Geffin

Director and Adviser

ronOver 17 years ago, at the age of 40,  I left South Africa with my wife Shirley and 2 young children, leaving behind a 15 year old Financial Planning practice to begin our new journey in Australia. With a strong passion for this business, I was determined to continue  where I had left off.

By nature I am an optimistic person, and learnt this trait from my Father. His lessons were learnt in a German prison of war camp during the 2nd World War. One of his fellow captives was an ex-Springbok forward who taught him the art of scrummaging. My Father always believed that one day he would represent his country in Rugby, which he ultimately achieved, as a famous rugby Springbok from 1949-1952.

Growing up, not only was I fortunate to have a father that was a Springbok rugby player, but also a stalwart in the Financial Planning industry, who lived a life passionate about what he did for his clients. Amongst the many things he taught me, one vital teaching that he instilled in me has remained with me to this day:  when you are consulting someone your own age, treat them as if they are your brother or sister. If they are older, treat them like your parent and if younger like your child.

Over the years, I have experienced client’s commitment to building their retirement and then witnessing them enjoying the fruits of their hard work. I have dealt with many unfortunate trauma events (mainly those diagnosed with cancer) and witnessed clients receiving funds to take away the financial stress, giving them the time to recoup without financial loss. I have seen young families accumulate funds to buy their family home, as well as providing the means to give their children a privileged education.

I have been most fortunate to have been involved for the past 33 years in assisting people to build their wealth, taking care of their risk for the unexpected, together with experiencing the highs and lows of market cycles.

As a family man I have understood the importance of providing for my family, building wealth and making sure that in the event of the unexpected they are well looked after.

As a “peoples person” I love speaking to and engaging with my clients. My direct  line is always available, and I encourage the contact, as the more I know about their personal and financial affairs, the the more specific the plan will be in meeting their goals and objectives.

Over the years, I have always needed a defined goal. Road running provided the focus, and with more than 60 marathons and 19 ultra marathons behind me, it taught me a great deal that even when it’s tough, it doesn’t last and the rewards far outweigh the pain.

My “selfish time” is spent photographing nature and landscapes. There is nothing to beat an early sunrise at the beach. Weekends is social time with friends or playing golf.

I consider myself to be lucky as I am surrounded by my family, great mates and clients.